The project APPRAIS aims to facilitate a structural reform of the HE system in the Kurdistan region of Iraq by introducing pillars of the Bologna process and good governance practices, supporting the modernization of HEIs and improving the capacities of leaders and staff at the Kurdish universities. The overall result is to raise the quality of the Higher Education sector, by reaching key milestones along the way. The results and achievements of the project are presented below.

The internal Quality and Evaluation Plan of the APPRAIS project is available HERE. In order to support the success of APPRAIS in the achievement of its ambitious objectives, it is key to establish proper quality and evaluation procedures enabling the effective monitoring of the project progressing and accompanying the project throughout its development. The present plan is elaborated to document Q&E procedures and to guide the consortium in the effective and efficient performance of the project foreseen activities. Quality assurance and Evaluation are the joint responsibility of all APPRAIS partners, and the plan intends to provide them with guidance on: the role and responsibilities of each Partner, the documentation of the project progressing, risk management, the monitoring of processes, the quality of contents, the tools for Q&E activities, the indicators for the monitoring of the project.

The Dissemination and Exploitation Plan of the APPRAIS project is available HERE. The main objective of the document is to define the priorities, strategies and tools for the communication, exploitation and sustainability of the project. Most notably, the promotion of the project and its achievements contributes to ensure the transparency of the project partnership and funding, to promote a common message on the necessity to develop skills and competences for the modernization of the Kurdish universities’ governance, to give visibility to the main activities carried out in this framework and ultimately to contribute to the project results sustainability. The plan is enriched by specific and customized activities for each of the identified target groups and by indicators to quantify the aimed values for each activity and identified stakeholders.

The Project Management Handbook of the APPRAIS project is available HERE. The document is a reference manual containing the project management strategy and procedures, integrating the decisions taken at the kick-off meeting, and the composition of the Assembly of Partners and the Strategic Committee. The Handbook summarizes the management principles and methods to be followed in the project, the decision-making process, the work breakdown structure, the role and tasks per Partners, the risk management strategy and the management monitoring tools. It serves as a reference document for the project partners and the External Quality Expert.