The APPRAIS Final Conference Unveils Successes and Future Prospects

After three years full of activities, exchange and dialogue between the partners, the APPRAIS project is coming to an end.

On December 4th, the partners gathered at the Ramada Hotel in Erbil for the final conference hosted by the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research KRG and UNIMED. Several Kurdish institutions that were not partners in the project and also representatives of the student community were invited to attend.

The main purpose of the final conference will be to review all the activities and results achieved, as well as to discuss the next steps and future sustainability of the project.

In fact, during the conference the 8 Kurdish universities partners of the project will be invited to sign the sustainability plan with the aim of adopting and implementing it in the years to come.

The event is a way to celebrate not only the achievements but, above all, the spirit of collaboration that has characterised the project, with the hope that it will be a starting point for continued cooperation!

The agenda of the conference is available here.